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Tennyson Inlet Boat Club | Email Secretary, Libby Archer | Phone: 021 450 205

Fishing Competition 
8th April 2023

No entry fees - this is a free community event provided by the club.

4pm at the Duncan Bay picnic area

Sausage sizzle provided.  

  • Classes for entry

    • Heaviest Overall Fish
    • Heaviest Snapper:  - Gardiner Trophy
    • Heaviest Kahawai
    • Heaviest Gurnard
    • Heaviest Crayfish
    • Heaviest Barracuda
    • Heaviest Kingfish
    • Best Decorated Fish by a child
    • Heaviest Fish by a child under 10 years
    • Heaviest Fish by a Pensioner:  - Osborne Memorial Trophy
    • Heaviest Fish since last year:  - Roy Archer Memorial trophy

    • Each fish can only be entered in one class
    • Fish must be gutted and gilled
    • Entries for the "Heaviest Fish since last year" must include a photograph with the weight, date caught and verified by an independent person.
    • All fish must be of legal size and MPI rules must be adhered to at all times
    • Please No Blue Cod to be entered as this species is under threat
    • Fish must be caught by hand lines/rods or spear gun
    • If cancelled due to poor weather a notice will be placed at the Duncan Bay & Penzance Bay Ramps.